Write about village in hindi

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Write about village in hindi

These are poor people at the mercy of Nature and Human forces they cannot control. Their huts are destroyed every few years by flood waters sweeping down from the Himalayas, the direct result of mindless deforestation in Nepal and India.

If the rice or wheat crop is lost, many adults and children simply go without food. It's quite clear that the villagers of Jitvapur are extremely conservative; but it's less clear that these are direct obstacles.

The villagers seem aware that caste rigidities do more harm than good and that these must be set aside if they are to improve their lives. Education and literacy are often assumed to be answers to rural under-development.

Certainly, the young in Jihrapur seem ready to accept the implications of education and seek work outside the village.

In the United States we consider such mobility as a positive indicator. But in many other societies, social and economic mobility can be destabilizing.

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Although the village in question is in India and therefore has many characteristics peculiar only to India, it also stands for villages all over the developing world.

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Life in an Indian Village

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write about village in hindi

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