Reason why reality television shows are popular essay writers

Why do we love reality television? Jesse Hicks August 24, At the end of August, one can't help but notice those perennial signs of the changing seasons: The abundance of reality television has begun to seem as reliable as the seasons, with shows like American Idol more popular than ever and imitators proliferating on the cable channels. But what is it about these shows that audiences find so compelling?

Reason why reality television shows are popular essay writers

Ownership information comprised from the following locations: The viewers get the illusion of having a variety of television programs that are dictated by white, male mostly American elitist.

When we think of producers having the pressure to provide shows that will make money, an evaluation of how this process works in the media social structure is in order. On July 1, the contract between production companies and actors expired and the actors went on strike.

September began the new television season, after a summer of striking actors and writers, reality television shows rise to the occasion. The goal of the networks was to accumulate as much material as possible as fast as possible for network use in case of a strike. Cheap reality shows are prime pickings by networks to fill the airtime, and might even keep writers out a job if the genre continues Poniewozik and McDowell, Back to Reality, Reality Shows Production Costs Reality programming is cheaper than regular programming.

Original programming while others are running reruns brings one-thing viewers, which brings advertisers, and the economic circle begins again. This means that networks are willing to gamble on reality shows because they are a lower threat. Advertising Advertisers main concern is reaching a large population.

This has become increasing difficult with the cable-TV explosion. Reality TV has allowed for the first time since the season networks to maintain their primetime audience that was normally lost to cable. This was an advertisers dream. How do the networks benefit? Advertisers are looking for opportunities that lead them to the very important demographic category of toyear-olds.

To win these viewers networks must take chances. The Reality of Reality Shows Producers are put under the gun to produce what will produce profits.

He got eight sponsors to cover the budget of the show do you remember all the challenges being done in Reebok tennis shoes? Government Regulations In the realm of reality TV, government regulations are the same in any other television program.

According to Sardar he states, "The pandemic of voyeurism reaches its peak on television. The success of sleaze talk whetted our appetite for a more overt form of voyeurism. It arrived in the form of reality television.

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This is due to the introduction and new popularity of this kind of programming. All reality television shows go by the standard guidelines that regular television shows go by.

The only difference is more editing and censorship would be added. Any fan of reality TV knows two things: Such regulations could be the censorship of nudity and violence or other things that are inappropriate for television viewers.

Many have asked where do you draw the line between reality and staged television shows.CURRENTLY READING This Is Why You're So Obsessed With Reality TV. Share Pin It A clear-cut definition of reality television is hard to come by.

Some reality TV shows are especially popular. In general, there are a lot of reality shows because they are cheap for the networks.

reason why reality television shows are popular essay writers

People featured on the show are paid less than actors. There are no writers and the extra editors make less than writers do. Oct 15,  · The reason why is because most reality shows are not realistic.

They are so fake, and two cant make a difference in someones life. If you think a television show can actually change your life you are a very weak person. Nummer 28 also pioneered many of the stylistic conventions that have since become standard in reality television shows, including a heavy use of soundtrack music and the interspersing of events on screen with after-the-fact "confessionals" recorded by cast members, that serve as narration.

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Home Essay Samples Why Reality Shows Are So Popular Reality shows are arguably the most addictive television programs since most, if not all, viewers across the world have followed at least one.

This means that these shows have intriguing features that make them so popular among television viewers. Reality TV is actually not, well real. ITV/Shutterstock.

reason why reality television shows are popular essay writers

True, there’s no script, but we have writers who craft plot lines, twisting and tweaking footage to create conflict and shape a story.

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