Heat and dust going home

The author has crafted parallel tales of two young women, distantly related and separated by two generations. Anne, the story's narrator, travels to India to discover more about the mystery surrounding her grandfather's first wife, Olivia. Douglas Rivers, an upper echelon English civil servant, married and brought his adored wife, Olivia, with him to India induring the British Raj. She was a beautiful, spoiled and spirited young woman, who found it difficult to adjust to life in the British colonial community of Satipur.

Heat and dust going home

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Posted on by T. Inoue Do you have something like this in your attic? Do you feel like your house is always dusty, in spite of how much you vacuum and clean? Have you tried all the tricks — HEPA vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, taking your shoes off before coming in the house, washing the dog….

When you have leaks in your ducts virtually all duct are leaky dust from the attic gets sucked into the ducts and distributed throughout the house. Numerous people have taken bad steps and fallen through the ceiling, often resulting in serious injury or death. Assuming you are comfortable working in the attic and can safely access the duct work and air handling system, here are some things to check: Ensure that the air filter port is sealed air-tight.

The air filter port is open and an over-sized filter is sticking out the side. If some are much dustier than others, this is a sign of leaks near that particular register.

Heat and dust going home

Sometimes it will be a leaky duct leading to it, other times it may be the register itself is poorly attached to the ceiling, providing a gap right into the attic. On a cold and windy day, turn off your forced air system air conditioner, heat pump or furnace and see if you can feel a cold breeze coming from any of the air registers in the house.

The more of a breeze you feel, the closer you are to the leak. All the ducts should be nearly and strongly attached at both ends — where it leaves the main trunk lines and where it feeds the ceiling registers or air returns.

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Many duct systems run through walls and hidden cavities in your home. Contractors will just pick a wall, ceiling or floor cavity and run air through it. A trained infrared thermographer often an energy auditor or building scientist may be able to locate the problem, but sometimes it can be very difficult.

Beware of Vermiculite Some older homes have Vermiculite insulation in the attic. These homes should not be tested using a blower door or duct blaster and you should not poke around in this material because it may contain asbestos.

Many HVAC contractors are not trained to find these leaks. Think about it — who created these leaky ducts in the first place? They might fix them as well or they recommend a high-quality HVAC contractor whom they know to do good work.

In fact, without at least a blower door, it will be very difficult to even find many duct leaks.

Heat and dust going home

Fixing duct leaks can help make your house much less dusty and it has the side effect of making it more comfortable and energy efficient. There one possibility that comes to mind — moisture. During the summer, the cold coils in the air conditioner are covered with water — this is the summer moisture getting drawn out of the air.

When the dusty air moves through the coils, much of this dust could be trapped by that water. This would lead to much less dust when the air conditioner runs than when the heat is on.

If your duct system is sucking dusty air in from the attic, it will also suck in the very cold, dry air from the attic. When that dry air enters your house, it sucks up the moisture from your home like sponge, resulting in very dry air.Heat and dust are the KILLERS of home AV electronics, thankfully there is an answer.

Most homes built today were designed with little respect for the high demand of home audio/video equipment. Heat and Dust. 18 likes. And the ramblings continue as we are homeward bound in a few months!!

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Heat and Dust is a romantic drama film with a screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala based upon her novel, Heat and Dust. It was directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant. It stars Greta Scacchi, Shashi Kapoor and Julie Christie.

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Even if you have an excellent filtration system on your air handler, the dust can be sucked in from places that don’t get filtered, and blown into your home, usually leaving fine gray dust everywhere.

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