Critical analysis of fracking

The Northern Territory Government is expected to soon decide if it will lift a fracking moratorium, after an month inquiry concluded the risks associated with the industry could be managed. If all recommendations it contained were implemented, the inquiry determined that "the challenges and risks associated with any onshore shale gas industry in the NT can be appropriately managed".

Critical analysis of fracking

Any surface spill therefore has "the potential to penetrate groundwater".

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The likelihood of low volume and high volume hydraulic fracturing contaminating groundwater by surface spills of stored chemicals is rare, however the risk and consequences are moderate. No cases of pollution by this route have been identified. As such any pollution would have to be removed by the water companies by Critical analysis of fracking.

Private water wells are rare, around 62, households, out of UK households would therefore be expected to be less at risk than those in the US.

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Given the mechanical properties of unconventional rocks their densities, low porosities, low Biot coefficients, and high stiffnesscompaction is very unlikely to occur during hydrocarbon extraction. Damage as a result of earthquakes, subsidence, heave and landslip are all covered, in general, under buildings insurance.

Critical analysis of fracking

Insurers will continue to monitor the situation for the potential for fracking, or similar explorations, to cause damage. A clarification by the insurer indicated that this would only apply to a farmer that permitted this on their land.

Surrounding farms would be covered.

Critical analysis of fracking

The authors also considered that if widespread fracking were to lead to increased claims, "then insurers may have to consider how they underwrite this emerging higher-risk group". The CII emphasised that "insurers need to be prepared for claims in the event of a fracking-related loss and consider policy wordings with increased fracking in mind".

The Environment Agency then uses the health impact assessment when considering the "potential health effects" during their "permit determination" [56]: They concluded that the risks to public health from exposure to emissions from shale gas extraction are low if operations are properly run and regulated.

Good on-site management and appropriate regulation of all aspects of exploratory drilling, gas capture as well as the use and storage of hydraulic fracturing fluid is essential to minimise the risks to the environment and health.

Lancashire County Council were uncertain how much weight to attach to the Medact report due to "questions from some quarters" about the objectivity of the report based on association of two its contributors with campaigns relating to shale gas.

Fracking protest south of Balcombe, Sussex, England.When people look at “fracking”—the production of natural gas through hydraulic fracturing techniques–they see different things. The most recent blogs and online articles from The Economist. Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is an interdisciplinary approach, which has been further developed on the basis of Discourse Analysis (DA) since s.

The insights have been expanded into a broader range of social, cultural, psychological and political practices. The NT Government is expected to soon decide if it will lift a moratorium on hydraulic fracking, after an month inquiry concluded the .

Feb 17,  · This multipart report will review some of the myriad of health and environmental concerns and the competing business interests surrounding fracking. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and

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