British house

There remains a technical distinction between county constituencies and borough constituenciesbut the only effect of this difference is in the amount of money candidates are allowed to spend during campaigns.

British house

Double click on any word for its definition. This section is in advanced English and is only intended to be a guide, not to be taken too seriously! An Englishman's home is his castle, well that's how the saying goes, but it's not so much a castle as a shed.

The British have the smallest homes in Europe! The Italians lead the rest of Europe with the most space - an average of 92m sq per dwelling, over a fifth larger than us Brits enjoy.

It reveals British living space per home is 12 percent smaller than the average Spanish home, 14 percent smaller than in Germany and 16 percent smaller than in France.

Moreover, the gap between the UK and the continent is widening with new homes in France, Germany and Spain getting bigger. On average, newly built homes in France and Germany have over m2 of usable floor space, while in Spain modern homes have 95m2. In Britain, new homes remain the same size as existing properties at 76m2.

These figures are more surprising when the types of properties are taken into account as over four-fifths of British households prefer to live in a house. The report reveals that 82 percent of British families live in a house and only 15 percent live in a flat. This is in stark contrast to families on continental Europe where flats are more popular.

In Spain, Italy and Germany more than 50 percent of families live in a flat and France is not far behind with 41 percent. Yet almost bizarrely the average British family home has the least usable living space of the countries surveyed. Quality of life is not only about income and spending, comfort is a core component.

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Hopefully the Government is aware of these figures as it tackles the increasing demand for new housing in the UK. This news is surprising given the recent surge in popularity of buy to let mortgages in the UK.

There are marked differences between the residential property prices in the five countries and the types of homes people can purchase. Up my street - If you are going to visit the UK find out about the area here.

British house

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List of British monarchs. Jump to navigation Jump to search Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom the last monarch of the House of Hanover, in George V changed the name of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the House of Windsor on 17 July , during the First World War, because of wartime anti-German sentiment in the country.

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The best of British houses, from David Chipperfield's prize-winning Fayland house to FAT and Grayson Perry's fairytale-inspired holiday home.

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