An analysis of the characters in the novel the joy luck club by amy tan

She started the club in China, in the early days of her first marriage. He met Suyuan in the hospital in Chungking, where she recovered from her flight from Kweilin.

An analysis of the characters in the novel the joy luck club by amy tan

An analysis of the characters in the novel the joy luck club by amy tan

In fleeing from a Japanese attack inshe was forced to abandon her twin infant daughters on a road outside Kweilin. She searched for them untilwhen she immigrated to San Francisco with her second husband. Her daughter Jing-mei was born in Suyuan secretly continued looking for her other daughters until her death at the age of seventy-two, two months before the book opens.

Jing-mei June Woo Jing-mei June Woo, a thirty-six-year-old college dropout who writes advertising copy for a small ad agency in San Francisco.

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By setting out to meet them, she begins coming to terms with her own Chinese heritage. Eventually, she tricked her mother-in-law into dissolving the marriage. After immigrating to San Francisco, she worked in a fortune cookie factory with An-mei Hsu, who introduced her to her second husband, Tin Jong.

They have three children: Winston, who is killed in a car accident at the age of sixteen, Vincent, and Waverly. Waverly Jong Waverly Jong, a thirty-six-year-old divorcee with a five-year-old daughter, Shoshana.

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Waverly is a tax attorney in San Francisco. When she was nine years old, she won national attention as a chess champion. Born inshe was reared by her grandmother in Ningpo until she was nine.

Her mother, the widow of a respected scholar, brought disgrace on herself by becoming the third concubine of Wu Tsing, a rich merchant in Tientsin, and she eventually poisoned herself. An-mei worries that her daughter Rose will not see the choices open to her.

When she was fourteen, she saw her four-year-old brother Bing fall off a pier at a family outing and felt responsible for his death. In college, she married Ted Jordan, a dermatologist, whom she allowed to make all the decisions in their marriage. When Ted announces that he wants a divorce after fifteen years, Rose must figure out how to stand up for what she wants.

She married Clifford St. Clair inafter the death of her first husband. They have a daughter, Lena, and a son who dies at birth. After college, she married self-centered and success-oriented Harold Livotny and inspired him to start his own business.

After five years of marriage, he still splits their expenses down the middle even though he makes seven times as much as she does.Analysis and discussion of characters in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.

In San Francisco, Suyuan revived the Joy Luck Club with Lindo, An-mei, and Ying-ying. See “Analysis of Major Characters.” Read an in-depth analysis of Suyuan Woo. May 09,  · The Joy Luck Club: CHARACTER ANALYSIS / DETAILED CHARACTER ANALYSIS by Amy Tan Cliff Notes™, Cliffs Notes™, Cliffnotes™, Cliffsnotes™ are trademarked properties of the John Wiley Publishing Company.

Petrignani The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan's novel The Joy Luck Club is a story of a monthly mah-jong gathering whose members consists of four Chinese mothers with American-born daughters.

An analysis of the characters in the novel the joy luck club by amy tan

The novel is narrated by the four mothers and their daughters. Free summary and analysis of the events in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club that won't make you snore. We promise. there's way too much going on in The Joy Luck Club to briefly summarize. You should definitely go check out the chapter summaries to get a better grasp on everything that happens and everyone it happens to.

The novel . The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan's first novel, sold an astonishing , hard-cover copies upon its publication. The success of Tan's book increased publishers' willingness to gamble on first books by Asian-American writers.

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